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Price: $7,500.00

Product Description

“Work Item Automation” is a custom plugin extension developed for use with IBM Rational Team Concert to automatically create linked work items when the specified conditions are met. The plugin is designed to work as a ‘Follow-up action’ operation participant for work item save operation. Once deployed and configured, the properties and the rules given in the Process Configuration Source xml file govern the runtime behavior of this plugin. These properties and rules specify the source work item type whose conditions need to be met, the target work item type that needs to be created when those conditions are met, and the kind of relationship link that needs to be established between the two work items, list of attributes if any, that need to be copied from the source work item to the target work item, and list of attributes if any, that need to be set in the target work item with the specified value.”.

Product installation steps:

Five steps to install:
1. Stop Application Server
2. Add plugin configuration (*.ini) file into “provision_profiles” folder
3. Add a folder, which contains plugin executable files to the Application Server “sites” folder
4. Start Application Server
5. Update Operation Behaviour section of the Process Configuration tab in the RTC Client by adding “Update on State Change” follow-up action.

More detailed installation guide is provided with plugin download file.

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