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Nexus products help organizations continuously improve the quality, security, and speed of their software supply chains.

Component Intelligence _______________________

Nexus Lifecycle

Powered by IQ Server, Lifecycle tells your entire development team which components are healthy, and which ones are not, and gives you the remarkable power to eliminate software mistakes before they happen.

Nexus Firewall

Integrating directly with your Nexus Repository, Firewall utilizes IQ Server to stop risky components from entering your software supply chain, and ensures that your applications consist of only the highest quality parts.

Nexus Auditor  

Auditor leverages IQ Server and gives you the ability to examine applications and pinpoint exactly what components are inside your software.


Component Management _______________________

Nexus Repository

The enterprise-grade solution for managing software binaries, Repository includes amazing support, high-availability with expanded features to better service distributed teams (Smart Proxy), and continuous delivery functionality (Staging and Release).

Nexus Repository OSS

The world’s most popular solution for managing software binaries, Repository OSS is completely free and includes support for all popular formats including Java, NPM, Docker, RubyGems, NuGet, Bower, and more.


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