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SCM Command Center jazz administration software

The Challenge

  • Managing and administration of JAZZ could be time-consuming.
  • Most changes are manual, which consumes valuable time and could be error-prone.
  • Not possible to monitor license usage coverage, cause interruption in production.
  • Inability to schedule repeat tasks using a schedule engine.
  • Inability to define custom alerts or email notifications

The Solution

SCM Solutions Inc. introduces SCM Command Center, our latest, fully modularized, mobile ready product offering in the ALM space. With our extensive domain experience in the ALM space we are bringing the most pragmatic and innovative solution to JAZZ administration.


Current offering* includes the following features

  • Remote RTC administration via smartphone app
  • License utilization management and administrative reporting
  • Automation of common project configuration setups
  • Performance analysis of your JAZZ application runtime platform
  • Customized project alerts and controls
  • Backup and recovery of your core ALM system configurations
chart1 RTC License Usage Tool & Chart• Allows administrators to monitor JAZZ client user license usage over the life of your project.• Graphical reports clearly showslicense usage and license availability. (Admin. can now quickly see the assignment, check-out, check-in and trend, etc.).
RTC Performance Tools
  • Lets you run reports and review the performance status of your RTC at any point during the development cycle.
  • Custom automated reports and alerts can keep you appraised of:
  • File check-in / check-out
  • Work Item submission or modification
  • CPU consumption, memory usage
  • JDBC connection pools
  • and more …



RTC Process Customization

Provides process customization solutions and web / mobile interfaces for management and administration.


RTC Automation

Have SCM CC setup your projects, users, work items and tasks automatically freeing up the administrator for other work.


Technical Overview

SCM Command Center web interface is built using Prime Faces framework. Interface with RTC is accomplished through API connectors developed by SCM Solutions. Crucial data transactions persist within SCM Command Center’s database repository through a data service layer interface for application operations and reporting. Built-in scheduling engine provides schedulable operations such as performance testing, process automation, backup and recovery utility etc.
The mobile application service layer component of the SCM Command Center application handles all of the smart phone functions and these functions are supported on both iOS version 4+ and Android 2.2+ platforms.


*Roadmap: SCM Solutions adopts the Scrum methodology for software development. This means that major functionality is contributed to SCM Command Center on the basis of a sprint, where each sprint addresses specific requirements in the product backlog (which is prioritized by both customer and product management needs)