Rally Integrator

IBM jazz Rally integrator software

Rational – Rally ALM Integration Module


Many companies are now using Rally for their everyday software development. How can you integrate RTC work items with Rally ALM environment? SCM Solution’s CONCORD IDE Connector is the answer.

Why purchase Concord Integration?

  • IBM Ready for Rational certified architecture framework
  • Only one license is required per endpoint ALM application
  • Cost of ownership is a fraction of alternatives

Product Summary

SCM Concord – Rally Connector was created to give you control of your tracking environment instantly. With SCM Concord – Rally Connector easy to use interface, you will quickly utilize your existing Rally ALM installation with Rational Jazz tools. You can now track your Team Concert (RTC) work items with Rally information.


  • Web-based configuration dashboard – Eclipse expertise is not required
  • The Concord Dashboard provides sync status with automated email notification – visual representation makes conflict resolution easy
  • Email notification as specified by development team members is provided
  • Supports both data synchronization & OSLC model without data replication
  • Unique Real-time Sync / Batch Sync / Migrate large volume data – in a single solution
  • Alternative solutions often require client licenses for each ALM side & another license for the host server. Total cost of ownership becomes prohibitive.
  • Concord is the Low-cost, full-featured integration solution for Rational Requirements Composer, Team Concert and Quality Manager with Rally ALM tools.
  • Upgrade at any time for multiple Concord integrators
  • 24 x 7 Technical support line

Contact sales@scmsolution.com to arrange a demonstration