Bugzilla Integrator

IBM Jazz Bugzilla integrator

Rational – Bugzilla Integration Module


Many companies are now using Bugzilla for their everyday software development. How can you integrate RTC work items with Bugzilla? SCM Solution’s CONCORD Bugzilla IDE Connector is the right solution.

Why purchase Concord Integration?

  • IBM Ready for Rational certified architecture framework
  • Only one license is required per endpoint ALM application
  • Cost of ownership is a fraction of alternatives

Product Summary

SCM Concord Bugzilla was created to give you control of your tracking environment instantly. With SCM Concord Bugzilla Connector easy to use interface, you will quickly utilize your existing Bugzilla installation with Rational Jazz tools. You can now track your Team Concert (RTC) work items with Bugzilla bugs and vice versa.


  • Web based Connector configuration
  • Configurable business rules
  • Dashboard for connector operations
  • Supports Jazz server rename functionality
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional synchronization
  • Real-time or schedulable batch synchronization
  • Data transformation and field/value mapping
  • Completed/in-progress/waiting sync operations
  • Detailed diagnostics of E-mail notification of sync-events



  • Traceability across full SDLC for governance
  • Easier transition to IBM Jazz from other ALM tools
  • Integrate IBM Jazz and best-of-breed ALM applications
  • Extend the life of legacy tools and existing infrastructure
  • Upgrade at any time for multiple Concord integrators
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support line

Contact sales@scmsolution.com to arrange a demonstration