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SCM Solution’s Services team will get you into the future

Business group meetingWe offer onsite solutions that can get you moving torwad the benefits and future of Jazz technology.


If your looking for a hassle-free, worry-free, stress-free transition from Rational ClearCase and/or ClearQuest into Jazz, We can help. Our Services team will come in, gather the required information needed, then get to work migrating your current environment.

When your short on downtime allowance, thats where we come through. Time, Compliance, Resources and knowledge is what we bring to minimize your downtime.

We have the experience to service all stages of your upcoming migration. From the first conversation, to the final handshake, we make sure your ready to “hit the ground running”.

We are experts in migrating from Clearcase, ClearQuest, ReqPro and Buildforge to Rational Team concert which is the future of SCM. Please contact us for your SCM assessment and we can help you decide if RTC is right for you.