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A requirements management tool

Software development is a team endeavor, so it is critical that team members possess a shared understanding of their project’s vision, goals, specifications and requirements. But how can this be achieved when teams are geographically distributed and functionally isolated, failing to communicate with each other in a timely, clear, consistent manner? The IBM Rational RequisitePro solution addresses this need. Rational RequisitePro is an easy to use requirements management tool that lets teams author and share their requirements using familiar document-based methods while leveraging database-enabled capabilities such as requirements traceability and impact analysis. The result is better communication and management of requirements with the increased likelihood of completing projects on time, within budget and above expectations. Successful projects start with requirements management – the more effective the execution, the greater the resulting quality and customer satisfaction.

Features and benefits

Description Feature Benefit
Word-Database integration Supports Microsoft Word for requirement authoring and communication; complements document-based entry with a commercial database to add organization, tracking and management capabilities. For teams that prefer a database centric approach the Word integration feature is optional. This unique architecture marries an effective and intuitive method for creating and sharing requirement information with advanced customization and analysis techniques.
Powerful requirements engine Easily set up requirement, attribute and document types. Define queries and filters to quickly find information of interest. Adaptable to your custom process. Team members can easily create views to display the information they need.
Traceability Easily set up and track relationships between requirements to verify that high-level requirements are represented in the detailed software requirement specs. Querying these relationships provides coverage analysis to ensure completeness and to make sure that time is not wasted building some part of the system that is not fulfilling any need.
Change analysis and notification Graphical display of suspect requirements as a result of requirement modification elsewhere in the project. Includes automatic email notification of stakeholders when requirements change. Ensure early notification when requirements are changed by any member of the project team. Stay on top of the latest modifications to keep the project on track.
Baseline creation and comparison Create an XML-based baseline of project requirements. Use to jumpstart new projects or to compare it with other project baselines, exposing requirement changes and omissions at multiple levels of detail. Support parallel development in which more than one set of requirements must coexist. Determine when and where changes occur to reduce team confusion and to clarify the effect of project decisions over time.
Web-based access Anyone with Web access, independent of his or her platform, can view, author and manage requirements quickly and efficiently without having Rational RequisitePro loaded on their machine. Project administration can be done via the web too. Ensure that distributed teams have read and write access to requirements from wherever they are located.
Detailed reporting for standards compliance Create, view and export filterable traceability matrices and attribute reports to support the documentation requirements of internal and external auditing needs. Create documentation required for compliance with organizational, institutional and governmental standards
Commercially supported databases Supports IBM UDB DB2; Microsoft SQL Server; Oracle; and Microsoft Access databases Leverages existing database investments and provides support for very large numbers of requirements with enterprise databases.
Integrated requirements management Integrated with Rational Software Architect, Rational Software Modeler, Rational ClearQuest®, Rational Application Developer, Rational Data Architect, Rational Systems Developer, WebSphere Business Modeler, WebSphere Integration Developer, Rational SoDA®, Rational Unified Process and Rational TestManager®. Requirements information is uniformly accessible and modifiable through products in the IBM Software Delivery Platform, ensuring the entire team remains in sync. Provides for full traceability through the entire lifecycle.
Well supported user community Getting started guide, experienced local support, extensibility interface for customization, Web-based training, and IBM developerWorks® for customers. A wealth of resources and a community of practice help teams get started fast and manage requirements with confidence.