ClearCase (RCC)



Remote Hosted and Managed ClearCase.


An industry-leading solution that provides sophisticated version control, workspace management, parallel development support and built auditing to improve productivity.

  • Light-weight feature-rich clients allow you to work locally or remotely.
  • Flexible out-of-box usage model based on proven best practices increases team productivity and efficiency.
  • Transparent real-time access to files and directories virtually anywhere in your organization.
  • Scales to any size team from small workgroups to distributed enterprise teams to support evolving organizational needs.



  • ClearCase meets the needs of any organization by offering UCM (an out-of-box usage model based on activity-based change management best practices) or the flexibility to implement virtually any process model solution.
  • Continue development efforts while disconnected from the network, easily synchronize changes when reconnected to the networ.
  • Support for any sized organization and evolving organizational needs.
  • Allows teams to work on the same code or release at the same time with the ability to easily resolve conflicts, reduce confusion, and get more done in a short amount of time.
  • Provides visibility of who is doing what and when – tracking the origin and details of changes which helps meet compliance mandates.