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Rational Requirements Composer offers the most efficient way to define, collaborate, and manage requirements for any size development or project team. High quality business requirements and good management practices in the development process (waterfall, iterative or agile) leads to the best outcomes.

Engaging stakeholders – early and often – in defining and validating requirements improves the likelihood that projects will deliver what customers need. Using well defined requirements in an organized managed process allows business analysts, developers, and other team members to analyze the information to help drive key business decisions.

Traceability across requirements can expose gaps and impact from change. Analysis features then give team members the power to discover key status, release, and value information during development based on good quality requirements.

Some Key features and capabilities of Rational Requirement Composer are:


Visually Define

Define requirements visually to quickly convey your project needs: Use cases, diagrams, and customized project content.





Connect project requirements, scenarios, test artifacts, and development work items through traceability to identify gaps and change impact.





Generate documents, spreadsheets, or PDF reports that show project progress, requirements churn, traceability coverage, and overall status.


Collaboration and review

Engage the experts from your team to collaborate and improve the quality of your project requirements




Audit history

Quickly identify what changes were made and who made them throughout the project’s progress.