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October 13-15, 2104 held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. This the largest landpower exposition and professional development forum in North America. The Annual Meeting consists of informative presentations, panel discussions on pertinent military and national security subjects, workshops and important AUSA business meetings.

Over 500 Army & Industry exhibitors occupying more than 250,000 net square feet of exhibit space. Attendees in recent years have included the Vice President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Army.



Why choose CTC-SCM Solution?

CTC-SCM Solution helps reduce program risk, improve schedule, and decrease costs through requirements-driven design and model-driven systems development.

The solutions support sharing of information between government organizations and the contractors: the architecture is shared and refined from the top stakeholders to the teams tasked with making the architectural vision a reality. Traceability can be established between the different models, artifacts and tools, helping to improve hand-offs and eliminate or improve “translations” from one language or domain to another.

From defining which products to build, to architecting, designing and testing, you need collaborative, flexible CTC-SCM Solutions to manage the dependencies between the software, mechanical and electronic components.


3 Reasons to use CTC- SCM Solution

  1. Traceability across the lifecycle
  2. Access to all engineering information
  3. Collaboration across engineering disciplines


CTC-SCM Solution provides Value Added

CTC-SCM Solution is helping organizations and government agencies transform to a systems approach for developing smarter product and program development models. Through capabilities, practices, and services, applied across the lifecycle and tailored to meet industry-specific challenges, this transformation brings benefits such as improved productivity, faster time to market, reduced costs, higher quality, greater safety and more efficiently demonstrated compliance.


CTC-SCM Solution offers a powerful integrated suite for building architectures using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF). CTC-SCM Solution enable:

  • Architecting all DoDAF 2.0, MODAF 1.2, and NAF 3.0 views.
  • Capability-driven architecture and analysis.
  • Capture of requirements with traceability to the architecture products.
  • Understanding cause-effect to the architecture due to a requirement change
  • Visibility to risk and impact of change, with capability, services, and operational analysis
  • Support for planning the next phase of acquisition.
  • Command & field level decision support, including powerful analysis techniques and fit-for-purpose views
  • Advanced automatic work product generation
  • Viewing and publishing of information via secure and profile-control web-based access
  • Developing effective software, with integrations to solution modeling and development
  • Best-in-class capabilities, education, training, and deployment support


CTC-SCM provides the following capabilities:

  • Product and portfolio management to help you make effective decisions earlier in the acquisition and development lifecycle.
  • Requirements elicitation and management to help derive, communicate and manage requirements.
  • Architecture modeling to help create, communicates, maintain, analyze and compare architectures.
  • Process management to help you create, document and enact effective processes and governance. Process management provides an audit trail that maps work products to processes and people. This helps reduce the cost of providing evidence for compliance and certification against standards.
  • Reports creation and management to help you document and publish information more quickly and effectively, which can help reduce the time and expense associated with document publication.
  • Configuration management and change control to help manage versions of the information and provide a level of governance that contributes to the audit trail.

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